looking for music for projects

I'm looking for some interesting music to use on some current and future video projects - mostly looking for slow, instrumental, groove based music to use for some erotic short videos...   Dreamy Andrew Blake-ish stuff...  I'm shooting and editing videos for a fetish site and my own site and projects...

I've been scoring some myself but I just don't have time right now and it's a good opportunity for some online exposure and promotion for the right composers/bands... 

I'm also looking for music for an LP DVD with behind the scenes footage from shoots - some of this work will appear online.  This project will be another legal fundraiser.  I'm being sued for $22,000 by my own attorneys from a previous lawsuit because I've been unable to make payments.  A certain web site that claimed they would use affiliate links/income to help pay for my fees has refused to pay a dime or respond to any of my inquiries.

I've already had some submissions of suitable tracks and found some things I can use, but I'm always working on new projects and never know what will be a good fit.

Not looking for exclusive rights just shared promotion - the bands can use and portfolio the finished videos.

Most of this work will be teaser pin-up in nature I don't do much adult work.  The cross promotion and links on my sites and credits in the videos will be the only compensation provided at this time. 

I will allow some of the people I work with to use some of my photos for flyers and even album art in exchange for the granting of usage rights.  If I find a single main partner for this promo shoots for your project are very likely - anything I can do to help promote and make this win-win.   There may be future commercial projects in the pipeline that might offer more compensation.  This is all experimental for me right now, I'm considering this a test.

Please send links to playlists/websites/profile pages with music to lithiumpicnic at gmail dot com...

thank you!


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