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Ancilla Tilia

Took a long time to get to it but worth the wait - Ancilla melts my lens off again : )

..from an unplanned shoot in SF last year - thanks Conan for the great location and thanks Ancilla for being amazing... (and patient) more shots and sets from this afternoon on the way...

I can't just crank stuff out I really like to spend time with the sets and have the right head space and spend a lot of time with every image. (Not like that hah) - that's for you guys, I'm dead inside : )

Preview from an upcoming set on our sites...


Hussar's Confessional

Lalo + Soma
Hussar's Glory Hole Confessional (detail)
Los Angeles June 2008

shot with available light + Lumix Tz5 handheld w/ Leica lens

notes: the heart in the back of the confessional was a pulsing heart that changed colors from red to yellow and varied in intensity between shots, creating a special magic - embracing the slow shutter speed and blur also created a crazy "no idea what you're gunna get" factor that was as random as it was spectacular...

fun fact: Lalo and I had just met when we shot this

Bristol UK?

Looking for a rare adapter and found it at Bristol Cameras:


but they don't ship out of country.... it costs about $28 US dollars...  I'll pay the cost of the part, the cost of shipping and send you a signed print (usually sold at $100+) to anyone in the area that can help me with this... I can paypal ASAP if you have it.

I'm trying to replace some of the gear that was stolen in NYC earlier this year - need a special 77mm adapter for portable ringflash...  thank you!


Seeking an IP Attorney in Spain

I'm seeking an attorney in Spain to help take action against nenablue.com for breach, nonpayment, and theft over the last two years.

They have used my work to generate income and for promo galleries for the past two years - they owe us thousands of dollars for sets and use of my work.  I've tried for two years to resolve this diplomatically - photographers and models beware of this site and the people that run it.

I'm going to Spain in December for a prohject and I'd like to meet with an attorney while there.  I'm hoping to find someone that will take this on contingency I think it's a pretty cut and dry case.

please email lithiumpicnic at gmail if you have any leads - thank you!


Asphyxia VS LP

A really bad phonecam video interview from Obscura in Philadelphia last month.  We discuss such riveting topics as our love for Scar13, a book that can't be found, my upcoming book and site, Asphyxia's involvement in both, and some jibberish in need of translating and subtitles. 

I'd been up and in transit for an entire day when Jade Vixen came in from NYC the night before to shoot so I was running on fumes - I look like I have two black eyes.

Look out Keith Richards here I come.